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Always double check provider's website prices before buying your currency.
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This compares the best available online rates for changing your foreign cash back into pounds.

Always double-check providers' website prices before buying your currency.
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Averages all rates on, to give a useful guide to the amount you'd get if you did the conversion today.

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Cheap travel credit card best buys
Consistently UNBEATABLE exchange rates providing you repay IN FULL

Most debit & credit cards add a 3% load to the perfect rates the banks get, meaning £100 of euros costs you £103. All these cards are load-free worldwide, so you get untouchably good rates in every country, every time. Set up a direct debit to repay IN FULL to minimise interest. Full info in Cheap Travel Cards.

Are they easy to get? Use our eligibility checker to find which card you've the best chance of getting.

Top pick: Halifax*

Perfect exchange rate, zero ATM fee and lower cash withdrawal interest. Full info.

Rep APR: 18.9% ATM: 0%

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Perfect exchange rate, plus 0.5% cashback on all spending. 3% (min £3) ATM fee. Full info.

Rep APR: 34.9% ATM: 3%

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Over 50s:Saga*

Perfect exchange rate, no interest on cash withdrawals but charges a fee. Full info.

Rep APR: 11.9% ATM: 2%

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Alternative: Post Office*

Perfect exchange rate, 2.5% (min £3) ATM fee & 24.1% APR on withdrawals. Full info.

Rep APR: 17.8% ATM: 2.5%

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